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11 May 2023

CDSJ and Xiamen delegation visited our school for Sister chool Signing.
On May 11, 2023 ,under the "Sister School Exchange Program" actively promoted by the DESDJ, a Xiamen delegation led by the Secretary of the Xiamen Education Bureau visited Macao. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the leaders of the Education and Youth Affairs Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macau S.A.R., the Director of the Non-Higher Education Department of the DSEDJ, Mr. Cheong, the Director of the Secondary Education Department, Mr. Leong, and the Acting School Supervisor, Dr. Chan. On behalf of CDSJ, Principal Ng signed the "Sister School Agreement" with Principal Li, Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental School. Two principals expressed their deep expectations for future educational cooperation and exchange between the two schools. We believe that these two schools will build a deeper friendship, broaden each other's horizons, enhance the professionalism of learning and teaching, and improve the quality of education in the future.
After the signing ceremony, our kindergarten sections gave wonderful performances, and then Principal Ng accompanied the delegation to tour the campus and take a group photo in front of the St. Joseph's Seminary.

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