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16 November 2022


The first CDSJ Sports Meet was successfully completed🏟🏅🥳
On November 16, 2022, all teachers and students from Primary 3 to 6 and secondary sections traveled to the Macau Stadium to hold the first sports meet of our school. 🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻😍

With the compact schedule and exciting competitions, competition results were announced one by one! 🥇🥈🥉 Throughout the competition, we have learnt “Friendship first, competition second.” 🤝 Our acting school supervisor Mr. Stephen Chan delivered an opening speech to our teachers and students, he inspired us with a motto – the only one stopping you is you!❤‍🔥 Winners were given thunderous applause on the podium. They defeated themselves to win the competition. They are self-assured and got the sincere congratulations from the teachers and students! 👏🏆 All the participating athletes sweating and fighting hard on the field have become very precious memories.💌🔐🥰

We thank God for giving us a sunny day. 🌿 Thank you to all the teachers for their careful preparation. Thank our students for their wholehearted engagement. 💪🏻 Let's look forward to the 2nd CDSJ Sports Meet to be better and better!✌🏻🤩

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